About Us

ARC, LLC is a commercial OIL TESTING LAB which uses state of the art analytical techniques (ICP-AES) to provide the highest quality and fastest turnaround time (same day) in New England. We support transport, power generation, biofuels and marine industries.

Oil and Fuel Analysis for wear metals, contamination and lubrication properties are our specialty. We also offer ULTRA-LOW SULFUR DETERMINATION for fuel oils and lubricants and can offer Chlorine analysis (for PCB determination) in a variety of samples.

We offer our expertise for problem solving and trend analysis to all our end users.

If you want to make sure the rebuilt engine your just purchased for your car, plane or train is up to snuff, send us an oil sample! We do not charge for kits (pre-paid), we only charge you for work we perform.

We offer additional services from oil field brine analysis to Lead testing in toys, so if you need something special, please call or contact us.

Why do you need ARC Services?

  • Save money (fast turnaround = less downtime)
  • Avoid catastrophic failures!
  • Less downtime means more productivity
  • No analysts to manage (We take care of everything)
  • Security (all data is archived and available for FUTURE inspection)
  • Safety (no risk or liability of having more capital equipment on your site)
  • Expertise for difficult samples (Brines, Bio-Fuels, Organics, Oils, Pharma, Low S Fuels, etc).
  • Peace of mind (we know Oil analysis, we might not know everything, but we know Oil)!