From wear metals to low sulfur and beyond, we can turn around your oil sample the same day. We also offer oil field brine analysis and storage tank monitoring (trend) analysis. We offer full service Tribological Testing (Transformer Oils, Blended Oil, Fuel Oil, Fuel testing, and Used Oil Analysis). We are available for Arbitration and Legal Advice in issues involving mechanical failures. Our facility and expertise can be sub-contracted or rented without any risk or overhead associated with typical oil analysis! It is like having all the benefits of your own onsite oil testing lab, without any maintenance or repair costs. This makes us unique.
Additional Specialty service:
  • Ceramic (Semiconductor Grade) raw material testing via Slurry analysis.
  • Specialty metallurgical and chemical testing.
  • Halogen Analysis in Aqueous and Organic (oil) samples (Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine to ppb levels).
  • Inorganic analysis on a project basis (cost effective program for Universities and Research Departments looking to justify an equipment purchase or NSF Grant submittal).